1 – PIPIKAT is a brand of disposable litter boxes that we have been using for some time, with unbeatable results. They work with natural sand, without added chemicals, whose cost is similar or even lower than that of top brand sand, with the addition that it comes with a cardboard house that they love, reduces odors and they do not stop using it as a bathroom and as a toy. The price also includes shipping and they have a line of organic litter (Pipikat Veggie) which is ideal for kittens at that time when they like to put everything in their mouths.


You can expand the information on the brand's website www.pipikat.com.

2 – KASSKABU is an online store of cat products. The advice they give is excellent, the treatment is very personalized and whenever they recommend something they know very well what they are talking about. In addition, they are the distributors for Spain of travel cages. Sturdy, which are assembled and disassembled in a few seconds and are the most practical on the market. Apart from my display cage, I also have the Sturdibag X-Large divided carrier and it is one of the best purchases I have made lately. In addition to being very comfortable for cats, it is also very comfortable to carry due to its lightness and ergonomics, which is appreciated when you have to transport them from one place to another at the same time (visits to the vet, vacations, etc.). There is a wide variety of Sturdi products, in a wide range of colors. I can only say that I am very satisfied with the investment made because despite being high-priced products, this is justified by the great quality, durability and comfort of their items.

kasskabu-logo-1483438129 KASSKABU

3 – MISCOTA – They sell deworming pipettes with a very good quality-price ratio. In addition, they have several products for cats that are interesting. They launch weekly offers at very competitive prices.

I leave you the link: www.miscota.es


4 – ZOOPLUS It is for me the perfect accessories store. I have not yet found any other online pet store that improves their prices overall. They continually have interesting offers and they also have customer reviews for most of their products, which in some cases can be very useful. I leave you the link below.



5 – ROYAL CANIN It has been the cat food brand par excellence for years. As several breeders comment, they have "the point" of healthy cat nutrition and buying one of their feeds is playing it safe. They have many specialties depending on the age, breed and characteristics of the feline, so there is a wide range of products to choose from.

Also, if you are a regular customer and subscribe to their newsletter, you will receive interesting and quality information periodically.

It is the brand that invests the most in marketing and image, being present in practically all important feline events and has a merchandising Quality and very useful in most cases. You have their website here:



NOTE: Zooplus offers very interesting discounts on most of the brand's feed.