Russian Blue: Curiosities

The Russian Blue is known for its double-layered fur, its green eyes and its enigmatic smile, but if there is one thing that stands out above all else, it is its character.

The meows are usually very different depending on the cat. In houses with more than one cat it is easy to distinguish each one of them by their meowing. Some of our cats barely meow and do it softly and sweetly to go almost unnoticed; Others don't shut up and are much more communicative and loud. Normally the latter are also much more extroverted and sociable and the former are more shy, especially with visitors. There is also a substantial difference in the tone of the meow depending on whether it is male or female.

Some Russian blues prefer human company and others sympathize more with their feline companions, although in general they are all very affectionate, especially with their favorite human, who, as a general rule, is the one who dedicates the most time to them and takes the most care of them.

They are athletic and active cats and require daily exercise to be healthy and happy. It is important to dedicate at least half an hour a day to playing games (exercising them with a feather duster, laser pointer, paper balls, etc.) They are generally quite independent and handle being left alone at home while their humans work, but they are also very intelligent and They will demand our attention as soon as we return. If we work all day outside the home, it is recommended that they have at least one other feline companion.

They are also very routine and that gives them security and peace of mind, therefore, it is recommended not to skip their habits unless it is completely necessary.

Given their intelligence, they easily learn tricks (high-fives, picking up toys that we throw at them and bringing them back, etc.) and precisely for this reason it is also important to educate them from the beginning to preserve their safety and hygiene (prevent them from accessing dangerous areas in the bathroom and kitchen, for example)

It is also important to accustom them not to climb on the table while we eat and they should never be given anything that we are eating, since it is something totally counterproductive that can lead to health problems.

They love to sleep in their humans' room at night (preferably in the same bed and the closer together, the better...) so if you do not intend to leave them, it is necessary to make it clear from the first day and assign them a place. differentiated in the home for sleeping. It is very important not to make the mistake of allowing them access to the puppy room and try to break the habit when they get older. It is also important not to allow them access to the room (even during the day) if the person is allergic to cats, since it would be harmful to their health.

Compared to other cats, they shed very little hair and it is also very soft and fine, so the little hair they shed is barely visible. To keep it shiny and in optimal condition, periodic brushing is recommended. In times of fall we should do it routinely (once every week or two will be more than enough) and the rest of the year, even less frequently.

They are very clean and do not need to be bathed unless there is a compelling reason to do so. If we decide to bathe them, it is essential to use a specific shampoo for cats that does not damage their skin or fur... and also be aware beforehand that in all likelihood they will not like it and will resist. You can get more information on how to proceed at the following link:   BATHE THE CAT

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