Russian Blue: Characteristics


We detail below the characteristics that will define a Russian Blue cat and that will serve as a guide for anyone who wants to know more about this unique breed.


It is a breed of medium size (Female from 2.50 Kg to 4.00 Kg approximately and males from 3.50 Kg to 6.00 Kg) and a muscular and elongated body, with stylized lines and long and thin extremities; graceful in its movements and with small, round and oval feet.

Its tail has a wide base, long and ends in a point. Their bones are fine to medium and they usually measure around 20-25 cm in height.


Short, fine, double coated, dense and waterproof due to the high density of the undercoat. Its coat in general is extremely soft and pleasant to the touch, velvety and especially beautiful when the reflection of sunlight allows us to appreciate the shades of blue and silver. Residual Tabby-type markings are tolerated in puppies, which will disappear by one year of age.

Depending on its origin, the shade of gray will vary from dark, passing through the medium until it reaches the lightest tones, always with visible silver reflections.

It is characterized by being especially soft and silky, very fine, uniform in color and with clearly differentiated silver reflections on the tip (what in English is called silver tipping). If it spends long periods exposed to direct sunlight, it will darken and take on brownish tones. It can also darken over the years.


Short and wedge-shaped, particularly wide at eye level and tapering towards the chin; With large ears with a wide base and directed forward, with a rounded tip. Its snout is medium-sized and the blue-gray nose is narrow, short and without stop. The whisker pads are prominent.


Dark blue at birth, yellow-green as a puppy and deep green when they reach adulthood. Its color can evolve up to two years of age, although some specimens will develop earlier than others.

They are quite large, lively, expressive and separated from each other, with an almond shape and an intense, bright color.


Elegant and extremely intelligent cat, with a generally calm character, somewhat shy, sweet and not very noisy, extrapolated even to females in heat. At the same time, they are curious and playful cats that adapt perfectly to life in an apartment, where, thanks to their independent character, they can spend only part of their day, although they love company.

He will soon learn family schedules and daily routines, something he needs as he is a creature of habit.

It has a deep-rooted hunting instinct and will enjoy games that involve “finding” food.

Soon you will know your name and obey simple commands; He is capable of learning curious things, such as opening handles, drawers, doors, using the toilet, etc. and he will also be communicative to make himself understood in his special requests: a snack, caresses, etc.

Affectionate with children who treat him with respect and other household animals, he is the ideal animal for family coexistence. He adores his owners but has a tendency to strengthen ties with a specific member of his human family, to whom he will express his most authentic devotion and loyalty, not separating from him, accompanying him in his daily chores and observing each of his movements; They are very sensitive to the emotional state of their owner, with whom they will share sorrows and joys.

Always predisposed to receive attention and affection, he will try to participate in as many activities as possible in his home.

It will be reserved and cautious when faced with unknown situations or people, although its curiosity can and will not take long for it to go sniffing around, always under the protection of its owner until it gains confidence.

He doesn't like change too much but he adapts quickly to new situations, although he avoids noisy or stressful environments. We have already mentioned that it is a fairly silent cat, with a subdued voice that it uses on a few occasions to attract the attention of its owner and show his wishes.