Gratitude arrived home three weeks ago and in this short time, it has far exceeded our expectations. Due to her sociable and cuddly character, her desire to play with all members of the home (including children) and how affectionate she is, she has won everyone's hearts.

They have been very busy weeks:

· We have bathed her so that she does not lose the habit acquired in the cattery and thus can continue attending cat shows without involving trauma (but this deserves a separate entry).

· We have traveled with her and it has been very gratifying because her attitude has been 10: she took over the hotel room from minute zero, she socialized with many strangers (she allowed herself to be petted and played with several people she had not met before) and He even kept us company at a fair we attended and where we had an exhibitor (as you can imagine, he soon became the center of attention and received several compliments for his calm character)

· He has met many of the animals we have at home: dwarf rabbits, ferrets, dogs, birds of prey, etc. And so far, the balance is positive. He was not scared of them and showed curiosity, although for the moment we have been cautious and have not let them interact, since the compatibility with any of those animals is totally nil.

We will continue counting our progress!

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