Cat exhibition Barcelona Estació del Nord

Intense weekend at the Barcelona expo. Illusion is already CACJ (Junior Champion, which is the highest category that a young cat like him can obtain) and on Sunday he was IX/21 in the Junior Ring... although he also chose that happy moment to show his discontent at being surrounded by so many cats and for waking him up from his fantastic nap... Fortunately, thanks to the quick reaction of the organization, everything was a scare.

Gratitude, for her part, had excellent conduct throughout the entire exhibition. Nothing to do with the nerves of other occasions – on her part, because I still had them! 🙂 In addition, she was starting her career as an adult cat and couldn't be happier with the results obtained: Saturday BIS + Best Opposite Sex Adult nomination and Sunday IV/20 in the Adult Ring. It was very exciting to have the honor of getting that recognition from the judges, so you can imagine my joy!

In addition, we are launching a Sturdi cage purchased at (they are exclusively for sale in Spain; more information in the LINKS OF INTEREST section)

Otherwise, a very well organized exhibition, with many very beautiful cats, where I once again learned many things from breeders who have been applying their wisdom for years to the beautiful art of cat breeding and to whom I never tire of listening.

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