Feline Exhibition Barcelona Cotxeres de Sants

This year we open September with the first feline exhibition of the course. Naturally, being so close to home we couldn't miss an event like this.

Gratitude had to stay home with her kits but Illusion and Grimoire were there. For Illusion it was his third cat show and the first time he participated in the adult category. Grimoire, still a puppy, was making his debut at an event of this type... And as is usual with the Russian blues, neither of them was too happy to be taken out of the safety of their home to take them to a totally unknown place and full of people and smells of other cats. They are both temperamental, and when they don't like something they make it very clear... And since nervousness is contagious, soon I was more nervous than them.

On Saturday they held up very well in the morning trials. In the afternoon, knowing that Illusion hates rings, I decided to leave it alone and try my luck with Grimoire. In the first round the guy held up very well, but when he qualified in the top 10 and came out again, I discovered that he feels panic when he hears applause (it was the first time in his life that he heard it, it must be said), and when he sees who was trying to get out of there no matter what, I decided to take him to rest without waiting for the time to end. ring and to stay calm. Despite this, the judge did not disqualify him and he obtained 7/28 place, so we are more than satisfied.

When Best In Show arrived, Illusion was nominated, but when I decided to wake him up from his nap to go on stage, I saw him so nervous (and I got so nervous) that I decided not to participate.

On Sunday they once again nominated Illusion for Best in Show (one of the judges even asked us why he hadn't seen that pretty cat in the finals on Saturday!) This time I asked my other half for help, who has much more temper and firmness than me, apart from the fact that he doesn't get stressed easily, and the results were great! And I know that putting up with Illusion on stage with all his anger for more than ten minutes was not an easy task. The reward was enormous: Illusion was the best adult shorthair (Best Adult SH) and second best adult cat of the expo (Best Adult II). I couldn't be happier!

Furthermore, on Sunday we once again enjoyed the super snack that is organized at the ASFEC exhibitions and we were once again able to meet up with friends that we had not seen for months. I also had the opportunity to share very pleasant moments with visitors (some of them pleasant surprises) who decided to spend some time there to see us or to get to know us and I loved talking to all of them... Those are the things that end up calming me down and making me stay wanting to repeat. As always, a pleasure.

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