arrival home

Arriving at a new home is one of the most stressful moments your cat is likely to experience. For this reason, no matter what character the kitten has, it is important to have everything prepared and under control.  

Prior to your arrival, we will prepare the house thoroughly from the point of view of safety, avoiding leak points that could lead to displeasure. We will put mosquito nets or nets on windows and balconies, we will have the area clear and free of small objects, etc. 

Yes, besides you catify your house and you prepare different supports at different heights that are appropriate to its nature, you will be exponentially multiplying its radius of action. 

You can hire the services of a professional ethologist who will schedule your arrival home and can advise you so that with small actions, your cat will have a much happier and, therefore, healthier life. 

It is also interesting that, prior to arrival, you have searched for information about veterinarians in your area specialized in felines and where you can take your cat in the near future.  

On the other hand, we will collect the necessary belongings to adapt to the kitten. Those that we consider totally essential are summarized below, although there are multiple articles that can be very useful in these processes: