American vs European type

Although it is the same breed, there are big differences depending on the origin or genetic lines of the Russian Blue.

Broadly speaking, we will talk about two types: American and European.

In general, the european type It is not very large in size, has medium gray plush fur and green eyes with greater or lesser intensity of color depending on the cat and its lines. With a rather rounded head, the ears are proportioned and centered, wider at the base than at the tip. Clear examples of this type would be our male Illusion or our female Arcadia.

Males will always have a more compact, larger and square head than females, so the roundness or lack thereof will be seen mainly in cats.

Furthermore, in the same genetic line, they will be bigger than them.

Russian blue cat Barcelona russian blue 06

In the previous photograph, Illusion is seen at just a few months old, with very plush medium gray fur, seawater eyes, very compact and with upturned ears. Below, you can see his daughter Arcadia, with a rounded head and upturned ears. Arcadia's size as an adult is much smaller than that of her parent.

Russian blue cat Barcelona russian blue 03

The American type It usually has a plush coat, but somewhat lighter than the European one. The eyes are usually a darker green, although again it will depend on the genetic lines of each cat. What will help us distinguish them from the first more easily are the ears, positioned on the sides and more distant from each other, and also the shape of the head, more cuneiform than in Europeans. Our male Nevsky or our female Viktorie are perfect examples.

In the following photograph you can see a more open positioning of the ears towards the sides, very intense green eyes and plush, light fur, with very silver tipping.

Russian blue cat Barcelona russian blue 01

The trend in recent years in the world of breeding is to develop lines with more and more American predominance on the European continent and therefore it is easy to find puppies with a combination of lines of one type and another, and with characteristic features of some. and others, mixed into a single cat, depending on the specific characteristics that the breeder wants to work on in their lines: size, eye color, coat, etc. Our female Gratitude or our male Grimoire are good examples of these mixtures of characteristics.

In the following photograph we see Grimoire as an adult, with intermediate ear positioning and very plush medium gray fur. It is also a very large and muscular cat. It shares characteristics of both typologies and its extremely calm and peaceful character stands out.

Russian blue cat Barcelona russian blue 04

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